About Us

What About Our Team:

We are a group of five professional traders from France and UK with more than 10 years experience in this business.

We make around 4000 pips profit a month which equal around 80 % profit a month of your account.

Since we are a group we don't get emotional sick and we don't open a signal if not all our team members agree on it.

What About Our Signals:

We post our signals through Whatsapp and Telegram. You will need one of them.

We post around 4  Signals daily.
We usually post three times a day at 12pm, 5pm and 10pm GMT (UTC +0) - London Time.

Our signals support any broker and any country in the World.

The fee to our signals and support is only 25£ a month.

Our signals are instant execution not pending orders. So you have to enter our signals once we post them. So you can have same or near our enter prices.

After you finish entering the signals, start setting TP for them.
Our signals support the medium long term way. So it support more than 100 pips but 100 is enough and faster to get hit and reload.
For SL don't set anything, we will tell you when you should close on manualy.
Sometimes market can move fast and hit SL before it goes for TP.

Contact us
 so we can calculate the lot size for you to avoid any risk!
Throw Whatsapp and Telegram (+447451239270)

What About our Investment Account:

If you are interested in trading forex but you don't have time for that or you don't know how to trade, you can join our Investment Program.

We do all the trading in two brokers with FCA UK regulation.

We make around 60% profit a month.
Our profit share is 20% only.

You can withdraw every month. But if you don't withdraw your account will grow bigger and so is your profit!

At the end of every week we send you a report of your investment account.

This is a PAMM Account, so it's more safer than a regular trading account. Here all accounts are linked to one account and you copy the pourcent of profit. So for small accounts it's alot safer as it get supported by bigger accounts.

You can deposit and increase your investment at any time.

Contact Us:

Contact us through Facebook or Whatsapp or Telegram 

Also by email: 

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