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Info Stats General
  • Gain (%): +654.90%

  • Monthly: 11.00%
  • Drawdown: 11.56%

  • Balance: $150,979.16
  • Gain: $130,979.16
  • Profit: $148,029.15
  • Loss: -$17,049.99

  • Pips: 47215
  • Won: 53765
  • Lost: -6549

  • Deposits: $20,000.00
  • Withdrawals: $0.00

  • Updated: Oct 1, 2021

  • Powered by Myfxbook
  • Description:
    We do swing trading with many strategies like Fibonacci & Ichimoku in addition to support and resistence levels plus looking into technical and fundamental analysis.

  • Broker: FXTM
  • Type: Real
  • System: Technical
  • Trading: Manual
  • Started: Feb 28, 2020
  • Timezone: GMT +0
  • Powered: Myfxbook

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Trade like the banks

We do Swing Trading with many strategies like FibonacciHarmonic PatternsPrice Action and many others depends on the market and pair used.

Specific times for signalsSo you can still open them while doing your daily activities and even if you are late you can still open, so it suits everyone worldwide.

Risk ManagementBy using less than 1% of equity for each trade and trading multi currencies and pairs (Contact us to calculate the risk for you)

Our Goals

Introducing you to forex trading which is one of the biggest businesses in the world with our FREE ONLINE COURSE.

Providing traders with FREE PREMIUM forex signals and support to help them making profits in trading.

Allowing anyone to join this business by joining our INVESTMENT PROGRAM

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